Hey Everyone!

It's me, Fiona, one-half of Happie Hippie to talk about some easy uncommon tropical plants. Most of the plants that you'll find on Happie Hippie fit into the, "easy like a Sunday morning," category!

We look at a few different factors :

  • How well the plant ships.
  • Does the plant tolerate over/underwatering?
  • Humidity requirements.
  • How quickly the plant grows. (This is mostly to keep me interested—ADHD forces me to need instant gratification.)

Just a friendly reminder that this list is based on my experience growing them. Home environments vary greatly and your experience may be different from my own.

These are listed in no particular order (photos of each plant can be found below):

1. Anthurium Crystallinum x Warocqueanum— Anthurium Warocquenum or the Queen Anthurium has a pretty bad rap for being finicky. That’s because she IS finicky, sorry not sorry. However, when crossed with the very hearty A. Crystallinum, you get a fast-growing, fairly drought-tolerant, easy-going plant. Go figure. It also ships beautifully and has a nice chunky root system. As a bonus, she ain’t bad looking either. I have yet to see a mature version of this plant, we may have to keep one to see what these look like all growed up!

2. Philodendron Billietiae- Those orange petioles and long striking leathery leaves make the Billietiae a must-have in any collection. I haven’t heard many people talk about how amazingly easy these are. They ship amazingly well and acclimate quickly. They can take a little while to root, especially if you have a variegated billietiae, but once they get going, the growth is explosive. They can also tolerate underwatering and they don't need high humidity.

3. Philodendron Florida Ghost-Ok, so, how come no one EVER talks about how the leaves are shaped like GHOSTS??? Anyway, aside from that, this beauties leaves come out almost white and then over time fade down to green. How dope is that? This baby is EASY. Talk about set it and forget it. Humidity, don't need it. Growth rate is faster than me popping an edible after work and ships like a DREAM. Also very forgiving if you forget to water every once in a while.

4. Philodendron Dean McDowell- Talk about a pillowdendron. The leaves on this plant are ridiculous. This hybrid's parentage consists of the Philodendron Gloriosum and the Philodendron Pastazanum-- both amazing plants in their own right. Fast grower, ships great, is drought-tolerant and doesn’t require high humidity.

5. Hoya Sunrise- If you are new to Hoya, this should be your first one. You get the succulent like leaves, fast growth, and serious potential for brightly sun-stressed leaves. Very drought-tolerant, and does not need high humidity at all, although I’ve witnessed pretty impressive growth with greenhouse conditions!

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Peace, Love, & Plants,

One of the Hippies