A daily, mushroom-multi gummy for whole-body balance and support. Packed with 10 adaptogenic, research-backed mushrooms that attune to support your body in the areas you need. The delicious, fruity, wild raspberry flavor will have you wanting more!

60 Gummies 250mg of 10:1 Mushroom Extract/Serving Equivalent to 2500mg Fruiting Body

What It’s Good For:

HEALTHY STRESS RESPONSE* Reishi modulates stress response, supports relaxation, immune and cardiovascular systems.

ENERGY AND PERFORMANCE* Lion’s Mane & Cordyceps boost energy, mental and physical performance.

HEALTHY DIGESTION* Turkey Tail & Maitake support healthy gut microbiota and immune response.

THE IMMUNE SYSTEM* Chaga & Agaricus Blazei stimulate the immune system and cellular wellbeing.

Made in United States of America

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